Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting Away

As our anniversary, which coincides with the Canada Day long weekend, was approaching Heidi and I started talking about getting away for a few days.

At first we talked about going to the States for a few days, but we couldn't come up with a good reason to head south to Grand Forks or Fargo. We're not into shopping and with the short time frame we had there was not enough time to do some sightseeing.

We thought about going to Kenora, Ontario but figured that with the holiday weekend it was going to be jammed with people - not our idea of a good time.

Southern Manitoba came into the discussion but we've visited communities there in the past. Going there again didn't excite us.

I asked Heidi if she's ever been in northern Manitoba (actually more central Manitoba). I used to head there occasionally with my job and I knew there were some interesting communities and wonderfully scenic areas on the drive. Heidi thought it might be interesting so I planned out a short trip (4 days, 3 nights). As I called to make hotel reservations I realized there was no point making an overnight stop in Dauphin - Country Fest 2012 was on and the hotels were all booked up. I booked us into hotels in Swan River, The Pas, and Flin Flon.

We left last Friday morning and returned yesterday (Monday).

Getting away from the city, spending time together and taking time to see some of our province made for a special time for Heidi and myself. I especially enjoyed sharing my previous experiences in these parts with Heidi.

There is much more to explore in Manitoba. Something to look forward to.


  1. How wonderful that you managed to get away and enjoy each other's company.

  2. Nothing like getting to know your own backyard better. Sounds like y'all came up with the perfect plan. - Barbara