Thursday, August 30, 2012

She's Back ... But For How Long? Pt.3

Sunday morning... Lora arrives this afternoon!

We woke up knowing that we could take our time getting started - we didn't have to check out of our room until 11 a.m. As we walked to the pool area where breakfast was served we greeted everyone we encountered with a bright, "Good Morning". It was interesting to note the different reactions. Some people responded in kind with a smile. Others seemed quite startled before returning the greeting. Some of the people we greeted reacted as if they were genuinely surprised to be greeted by us, almost as if being greeted by people of a different race than themselves was completely foreign to them.

Breakfast was a time of more people watching and a pleasant conversation with a woman from Regina, Saskatchewan. Then it was time to check out of the hotel and fill the hours until Lora's plane was due. We had decided to do that at IKEA. With all the fuss about an IKEA store opening in Winnipeg in a few months, this was a chance for us to get an idea of what the hype was all about.

Our walk through IKEA was thankfully a considerably lower assault on the senses than our time at the Mall of America had been. If Heidi and I were a young couple starting out on our journey together, building a home and providing for a young family, IKEA would have a lot of options to offer us. As it is, our kids are grown and embarking on their own lives, we've sold our house and are not intending to accumulate more stuff. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our tour of the big blue box store.

Then it was off to the airport - only 2 more hours until Lora's arrival. The excitement and anticipation was building.

To be continued...

"Humans are the only creatures on earth
that allow their children to come back home." 
~ Bill Cosby

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