Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Stuff

A Headscratcher:

  • I spent a fair bit of  time preparing a birthday gift for Heidi -  a poster-sized collage of photos from our recent photo-shoot. I prepared it carefully, including putting in a border so that none of the images got cut off by the inside edge of the frame. I took it to be printed and when I unrolled the poster at home I found that the photo place reduced the border to a sliver resulting in a couple of heads  missing their tops. I went back to my computer, opened the file and widened the border, checked to make sure it was precisely even and went back to let the photo shop try again. This time the poster was so poorly cut that the top border is about a third of the width of the bottom border and the side borders were cut at an angle so that the images lean to the right. How can the staff person that did the work be so sloppy that they are unable to set up a paper cutter to cut a right angle? Do I go back and let them try a third time?
A Surprise Bonus:
  • Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar titled, Blogging for Business. When I first received the invitation to attend I wasn't sure the content would be anything I could use since I don't have a business nor do I plan to. I was pleasantly surprised. The seminar was very interesting, extremely well presented and offered many practical suggestions that I might use in the future. At the end of the day the presenter gave away two door prizes. I had not expected that. I was even more surprised when my name was drawn for one of the prizes - 2 tickets to the musical Rock of Ages. Looks like Heidi and I are going on a date again.
A Busy Weekend Ahead:
  • Heidi has taken 3 days off at the beginning of next week so it'll be an extra long weekend.
  • My daughter and son-in-law are moving on Saturday. My job is easy - I get to drive the moving truck they've rented and supervise the loading, trying to ensure that the space on the truck is maximized and the load is secure. My back and my lungs should be able to handle that. 
  • In the evening we've been invited to attend a choral concert by some dear friends we haven't connected with for far too long. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening.
  • Sunday morning we're off to church - a time that always blesses us with a great time with God,  challenges, inspiration, encouragement, and the opportunity to see the many friends we've found in that community.
  • Sunday afternoon and evening are family time. The boys are coming over to watch football and rest of the family will show up later for a dinner to celebrate Heidi's birthday. I still have to figure out what the menu will be. I look forward to seeing Heidi's reaction to her gift. It's already hanging on the wall above the dining room table but covered with a towel that she's not allowed to remove until the birthday cake comes out. (She's not allowed to read this blog either or she'll spoil her surprise). 
  • On Monday we're meeting Heidi's parents for lunch followed by an afternoon of playing cards. We haven't done that for several months now (which is much too long) and I'm looking forward to it. My in-laws are wonderful people and we always have an enjoyable visit over several hours of playing cards.
  • Tuesday morning we're meeting a friend from church for coffee. In the evening we have guests coming for dinner and a visit. 
  • After that the schedule is open - I think. I can't remember the last time I've had such a structured schedule in front of me. How will I cope with so much structure?

I have no regular schedule. I get up whenever I can. 
~~~ Jimmy Wales 

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