Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Plan 'B'

I got up early this morning (4:45 a.m.) to get to my usual 6 a.m. Wednesday morning coffee and Bible study; went out to the car and discovered that I need a Plan 'B' for today's start. The car battery is completely dead.

I guess I'll blog until I come up with something better to do than last night's dishes.

There's a lot of people who have to go with their Plan 'B' today. The election results are in and the losing candidates have to decide where they go from here.

Looking at the Major League Baseball scores from the last couple of nights, there are obviously a number of players and teams reluctantly turning to their Plan 'B' now that they've been knocked out of the playoffs.

NHL training camps are over and lots of players are facing the challenge of overcoming their disappointment at their plan 'A' not working out. Are they feeling crushed or are they  confidently, and determinedly moving forward with their Plan 'B'?

As I watched the end of the election coverage on TV last night it became obvious that Hugh MacFayden, Leader of the Conservative Party, had his Plan 'B' all ready to go. After failing to lead his party to victory for the second time in the last 4 years, he wasted no time in announcing that he was stepping down as party leader. It was also very obvious that many people in that room were surprised by MacFayden's seemingly quick decision. I guess they had not yet considered the need for a Plan 'B'.

I wonder how many of us are prepared with a Plan 'B'? Do we approach our days open to possibilities and prepared to exercise different options? I'm sure we all consider a variety of options and maybe even prepare for an alternative strategy when it comes to the big stuff in our lives. But what about the little stuff, the mundane, the normal everyday routines? Are we prepared for surprises and disappointments, or do we get easily derailed? Do we get flustered, angry, panicky, etc. if things don't work according to our plans and desires or do we maintain our equilibrium and forge ahead on a new track?

Having a Plan 'B' in our back pocket as much as possible would more than likely help with reducing stress and maintaining quiet confidence and inner peace.At the very least, it helps to be flexible and open to change, and the occasional surprises and disappointments..

My preference is to experience peace and lower stress. Got to come up with a Plan 'B'.

I know! It's time for some coffee!

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  1. Yes -- the Plan B -- never as fun as the Plan A -- but sometimes just as good.

    Thank you for the blog.