Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Reflective Moment

Another incredibly beautiful fall day! Lots of sunshine; above normal temperatures; a taste of fall in the air; colourful leaves on the trees and on the ground; in short, a perfect day to spend outside.

Instead of being outside, I'm sitting in a cozy little coffee shop and used bookstore in the Wolseley area enjoying a cup of very tasty dark roast coffee and working on my blog. Wi-fi is easier to access in here than outside; it's also quite comfortable. Mind you, I did ride my bicycle here so I got a little fresh air. I'll go for a longer ride after the battery on this laptop dies.

A day like today is another affirmation that Heidi and I made the right decision when we sold our house late last year and moved into this neighbourhood.

The 55+ building we're in is clean, quiet, well-maintained, and a lot less work than the house, large garden and yard were. We have a balcony where Heidi was able to satisfy her enjoyment of gardening with a container garden; we enjoyed fresh tomatoes right off the vine; and we had a refreshingly vibrant view of  the green foliage of the Wolseley Elms from every window in our apartment. The view turned golden but the tress are now getting naked far too rapidly.

I enjoyed not having to cut the grass, fight the weeds, shovel snow in the winter, and best of all - no more repairs to do. We have more than sufficient space that is easily and quickly cleaned. Heidi and I have so much more time to spend together, relax and do the things we enjoy doing.

The only downside of having a smaller home is that Heidi has less room to place her flowers and plants as she brings them inside for the winter. The plants are encroaching more and more on my chair. They're invading my personal space and using up the oxygen. Actually, it's not that bad, I just like bugging Heidi about it. I know having flowers and plants is important to Heidi, and her happiness is a significant goal for me.

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend; the kids will all be over for dinner on Monday - then they'll go back to their own homes.

The blessings keep coming!

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