Friday, June 8, 2012


With the TV schedule going into summer reruns I decided to add a few additional channels in the hope of having a few options beyond watching shows we'd already seen.

Looking at the TV offerings I'm fascinated at the number of "reality" shows available. The variety of these shows seems to keep increasing. The trouble for me is that I fail to see what's real in some of the shows, and others baffle me as to why people would watch them.
I realize it's a matter of taste, but "Swamp People"?

I admit I enjoy many of the shows that include historical information and those that highlight the challenges some people face in their jobs.

As I was waiting for Heidi to get home from work yesterday I came across "Full Metal Jousting" The actual jousting was interesting and entertaining, but most of the show was filled with the contestants talking about how the other contestants were trying to take the prize money away from them and their families. If they had tried a little harder they could have approached the ridiculous hype and chatter of a WWE event.

I'm glad it's summer and I can enjoy the many outside things to do instead of watching these unreal presentations of reality.

As far as I'm concerned, the best 'reality' shows coming up are Euro 2012, the beginning of the CFL season, and the Tour de France. In the meantime I've got another bike ride to enjoy today.

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