Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Da Vinci

I took my daughter to the Da Vinci exhibit at the MTS Exhibit Hall today. We spent almost 3 1/2 hours going through the display. It was a great way to spend some father/daughter time. It was especially gratifying to observe my daughter's enthusiastic interest in this historical phenomenon. I have always enjoyed exploring history and it warmed my heart to be able to share that with my daughter. I look forward to sharing it with my son in the near future.

I had written about some of my thoughts and reactions to the Da Vinci Exhibit in a previous post; my reflections today took me on a different path.

In the Exhibit we learned that da Vinci was a pacifist, yet many of the commissions he took were of a military nature. He was commissioned to design and build up defenses in Florence and Milan. He also designed and developed some horrifically devastating and efficient war machines and weapons. I wonder how he rationalized compromising his pacific values for the sake of an income. What impact did the conflict between his beliefs and his work have on him?

Apparently da Vinci struggled with crippling bouts of depression. Did his compromise contribute to his struggle?

How often do we sacrifice our values and beliefs?

Why do we compromise our integrity?

Are we willing to pay a price to maintain our integrity? To stand firm on our values and beliefs?

What does our integrity cost us? What about the price of compromise? What happens to our values and beliefs when we compromise them?

As I look back on times where I failed to completely stick to my values and beliefs I realize it wasn't worth it. Over the long haul it wreaked havoc on my health; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It also damaged many relationships.

The price is too high.

Integrity is too valuable to compromise.

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  1. I've considered this one over the past couple of days. As always - eerily accurate.

    Maintaining integrity requires effort. Repair afterwards requires way more effort.