Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeping up with Technology

Yesterday I watched a story on the evening news about schools in Brandon moving towards putting an IPad into every student's hands. This goal is intended to teach the kids the skills they need to keep up with our ever changing world of technology.

I wonder how much time and energy will be put into teaching the kids important lo-tech and no-tech skills. Things like reading, writing, spelling, simple arithmetic, the art of face to face conversation, respectful debating, letter writing, recreation absent of electronic toys, etc. What about important life skills such as job hunting, preparing for a job interview, how to have a successful job interview? I know kids are taught how to do up a resume but from my observation too many kids are unaware of the rest of the employment seeking process.

I like technology. But I've fallen behind; I haven't kept up with technological changes. Ten years ago I built my own computer. Now I browse through the ads for new communication and entertainment technology and I feel illiterate. I also get excited and contemplate the possibilities presented by the new offerings.

Heidi prefers that I keep a distance from new technology. A few days ago she saw me 'light up' when a friend mentioned some new bluetooth technology to me. I think Heidi's biggest concern is that I'll spend money on new 'toys' that we don't need and can't afford. I understand that, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming.

I did manage to sell Heidi on the benefits of purchasing some new communication technology that will allow us to 'fire' our telephone service provider and save ourselves at least $500 per year. We're going to use VOIP technology. (Voice Over Internet Protocol). We purchased the hardware a couple of days ago but I'm holding off on setting it up because we're awaiting a couple of important telephone calls on our current phone number. (We'll have a new number when I make the switch).

There are one or two other changes/additions we're considering, but I have to finish examining the cost / benefit factors involved before going any further. In the meantime, I will work harder at maximizing the technology we currently have, beginning with going for a bike ride before it starts to rain.

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