Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for.... Music, Music, Music

How's my mental health today?

My head is ringing with music. Last night I went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) concert with a group of friends and two of my kids. What a show! Almost 2 1/2 hours with no breaks. The featured show was 'Beethoven's Last Night'. Lots of classical pieces performed in TSO's driving rock style. Lights, smoke, pyrotechnics and a stellar dramatic performance by the narrator of the story; all enhanced the efforts of the musicians.

As I watched and listened I began to wonder what some of the great classical composers would have created if they had access to the instruments, electronics, and other components of the show we saw last night.

One composer in particular came to mind; Richard Wagner. Wagner is known for his operas. He employed every art form to stage his operatic extravaganzas. What would he do if he had access to the electric instruments, effects pedals, keyboards, drum sets, light shows, stage sets and pyrotechnics we just saw? Would his creations bear any resemblance to the show TSO put on? Would his operas get even longer? More complex?

Regardless of what Wagner might have done; it was an evening of great music presented in a spell binding story. I hope TSO comes back to Winnipeg again to perform this show.

If you're not familiar with TSO you hear a sampling of Beethoven's Last Night here.

For another introduction check out this Youtube video.

I'm sure I'll have this music ringing in my head for the next few days. And when it dies down I'll just listen to the album again.

“Whatever my passions demand of me, I become for the time being 
- musician, poet, director, author, lecturer or anything else.”
 Richard Wagner

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  1. Fun stuff Horst. Thanks for recommending it. Wonderful evening.

    As always your blogs are right on.