Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for... Rest

How's my mental health today?

I'm quite aggravated at the moment. To be honest, I'm livid to the point where I'm shaking. I helped somebody out yesterday by accommodating their specific needs. Now that person is abusing my generosity. Suffice to say, I'll have a difficult time being generous and accommodating to that person from here on in.

These strong emotions tax my mental health and it's going to take a fair of rest for me to et my equilibrium back.

So rest it is.

I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Hi Horst,
    Sorry you are having a bad day. I read through some of your other a-z posts and you've have a lot of good days. All is not lost and the sun will come up tomorrow and God's mercies will be fresh and new.

    I have a number of close friends who struggle through the whole bi-polar journey. I'm glad you decided to rest today and I hope "S" will come to you with some special inspiration.

    I work at an inner city church surrounded by homeless shelters and Spokane Mental health. It is an interesting place. The folks in my little world make two steps forward and one step back. They can be doing great and blow it all because they just don't believe they deserve or could really have a better life. Sometimes the people we are trying to help are like those who are drowning one has to be careful to not get pulled under in the wake of all their difficulties. In that world I also see hope, miracles and kindness shown by people who have very little. A listening ear, a smile, and to be treated as if they are not irrelevant and invisible is a great gift of grace.

    I don't know the in and outs of the issue with your friend but it helps to know where your boundaries lie and to communicate them very clearly so you are not taken advantage of in the process of trying to help.

    We mostly just love people till they ask us why. That takes a fair amount of forgiving. Loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself is a daily adventure.

    Blessing on your journey and in your writing. You seem like an interesting insightful person.

    Happy A-Zing

  2. oh, yeah, I have felt that way before.........

    if you need a laugh (and seems like you might), feel free to take a peek at my blog:

    I am also doing the a to z.