Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lesson Learned

It's summer. Lots of sunshine and warm weather. Time to be outdoors.

Our summers are short so I'm going to take the summer off when it comes to blogging regularly. Since I'm spending a fair bit of time on my family history project I want to free up time to do stuff outdoors.

Being outdoors in the sun and heat means I also have to take some precautions. Years of taking some medications have left me with an extreme sensitivity to sunlight and heat. Yesterday I learned I have to take some other steps to keep myself free from painful and/or irritating consequences.

I had some errands to run yesterday but Heidi was using the car for work. I got on my bicycle for my 29 km trip. Everything went fine until I was about 5.5 km from home. My bicycle suffered a major structural failure. Result: I walked home from there. The problem was that I was not wearing walking shoes and it didn't take long before my feet were blistered. A couple of blisters on the bottom of my left foot popped and were soon bleeding into my shoe.

It took me one and a half hours to walk home.

Today is not a good day for walking.

Lesson learned: always wear good walking shoes, just in case!

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  1. Blisters are so painful, I sympathise. Now you will have to put your feet up and get some rest.