Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Choosing a Direction

"You're a writer - you  need to write."

This theme is becoming entrenched.

I'm sitting in the coffee shop again. This morning I was the first one here and secured a window table. I find that it's easier for me to focus and work on my writing and reading in this environment. I have no access to the distracting and mind numbing TV here. Coming here could be habit forming. A few moments ago a person I hadn't seen in four years stopped at my table and said hello. That was a bonus. 

I've thought more and more about writing over the past 3 or 4 days. I dug out the book I had shelved 5 years ago and printed a copy. I find it easier to review documents on paper rather than just gazing at the computer screen. I'm going to take some time in the next few days to carefully read and review what I've already written and begin sketching out ideas for the changes I need to make and contemplate additions.

I'm also going to blog more consistently. On Tuesday I had coffee with a friend who shared some suggestions for blogging with me. The most significant suggestion for me was the recommendation that I choose a central theme and write about what I'm familiar with. It goes against the name of my blog - 'Tangents' - but it does provide me with a more consistent focus.

When I began the blog I wrote about my reactions and thoughts regarding things that I had recently read and observed. While that was entertaining for me, I was frequently at a loss for a topic to write about.

My intention now is to shift away from my objective reactions to the world around me and delve into more subjective topics. I'm familiar with living with a mental illness, and the challenges and issues in that world. This blog will become my forum to express my thoughts and opinions on circumstances, occurrences, and politics that intersect with the realities of mental health and mental illness. My hope is that this exercise will also assist me in clarifying a vision for my book.

I don't know what this approach to my blog will bring or whether it will flourish or wither away. Yesterday I wrote that I needed to make some choices.

Apparently I just made one.

Where will this journey take me?

Time will tell.

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