Thursday, November 17, 2011

What to do?

How's my mental health today?

I think it's more important for me to ask myself, how is my spiritual health today?

My days are largely unstructured and I have the freedom to make all sorts of choices of what to do. The problem is too many of the options sitting before me are not good for me. They can undermine my spiritual health, which can easily result in a decline in my mental and physical health.

I am surrounded by my computer access to the Internet and a vast range of ebooks, my TV, and piles of books in our office (2nd bedroom). I can choose to spend my time growing my faith through reading, meditation, and prayer. There are programs on TV which could be helpful if only I didn't find them so lame, uninspiring and predictable. I can increase my knowledge and satisfy my interest in history and political developments on the Internet, TV and the reading material I have. I can rot some brain cells by immersing myself in silly, mindless fluff that can easily be found all around me. I can also expose myself to temptations by exploring the enticing world of brain-rotting, titillating websites, movies, books and TV shows. All this without leaving the comfort of my reclining armchair. I can even access books and TV while riding my exercise bike.

Getting out of the apartment also provides me with the opportunity to engage in both healthy and unhealthy activity. It all depends on where I go, what I do, and who I talk to.

Past experience has taught me that the more more time I spend enriching my spiritual life, the less temptations I have to wrestle with; especially if I begin my day spending time with God. I become more engaged with life when I exercise my mind and body with regular, healthy, physical activity, reading, and interacting with other people. These activities lift my spirit, increase my energy, build and maintain strong, healthy relationships and stabilize my mind. Mixing in some recreational and relaxation time enhances my overall sense of well being.Neglecting these things, or having an imbalance in these activities drags me down into sluggishness and unwanted temptations.

I used to spend more time on building my spiritual health. I need to get back to that so that I can bring a more positive balance to my life.

Will I have a better balanced day today? I'll let you know.

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