Friday, November 18, 2011

Something New

How's my mental health today?

It's a little difficult for me to say. I started on a new medication two weeks ago and I've had a constant headache since. Even 3 extra-strength Advil don't seem to make a difference. I'm beginning to wear down a bit. I can feel the exhaustion catching up to me. I think I'll take a break from blogging for the weekend.

I got some feedback from Heidi on yesterday's post. She said I forgot to mention my responsibilities of keeping our place clean and preparing meals. She told me that is a healthy activity. I have to admit, although it ranks up there on my daily to do list, housework is not my preferred healthy activity.

I went to a book-launch at Chapters Wednesday evening. The book was Journey to Justice: How "Project Angel" Cracked the Candace Derksen Case by Mike McIntyre. I'd never been to an event like this before and I was surprised at how many people were in attendance. I recognized many of the people there including one person with whom I had a rancorous parting of ways almost 15 years ago. I wasn't comfortable with seeking him out to chat, but decided if it happened I could deal with it. He disappeared quickly at the end of the event, which was a relief.

The book launch was an interesting event, although it was a little slow getting started. I was leaning against one of the store book racks waiting for the proceedings to get underway. While waiting I scanned the titles close to me - there were a couple that caught my eye. At the end of the event I bought 2 of the books that had been at my elbow as well as 2 of Mike McIntyre's books - the featured one as well as another.

Are you curious about what I bought? Here's the list.
  1. Journey for Justice by Mike McIntyre
  2. Devil Among Us by Mike McIntyre
  3. Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle by Chris Hedges
  4. The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M Twenge, PH.D. and W. Keith Campbell, PH.D.

I wasn't sure how Heidi was going to react. When I left home I told her I'd probably come home with a book - now I was coming home with 4! It almost always costs us money when I go into a bookstore. There's just so much interesting stuff there! ( Is that a healthy or unhealthy temptation?)  Anyway, Heidi wasn't surprised - it seemed like she almost expected it. I guess she knows me quite well.

I'm going to take a break from writing this weekend. I'll be back on Monday.

Now, which book should I open first?

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