Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Do It!

How's my mental health today?

Better than my body feels.

My body is not happy that I'm subjecting it to unaccustomed activity. Adding an exercise routine to a damaged rotator cuff, a 16 year old back injury, torn knee cartilage, and a high ankle sprain has not gone over well. On Thursday evening we were given a tour of the Reh-Fit centre which included the 'how-tos' of some of the equipment.

Heidi and I had walked a couple of laps before the orientation, just to loosen up a bit, but the unduly long tour (the very friendly staff person was far too chatty) negated that. I felt my back seize up and my sprained ankle began throbbing beyond the point of mere discomfort. I excused myself from the verbal outpouring and started moving again, but it was too late. The muscles had gotten too cold and tight to continue.

When we got home that night I told Heidi that I should probably give my body a break the next day (yesterday) and she thought that was probably a good thing to do. However, when yesterday came along, I found I needed to move around in between the long sessions of sitting at my computer and writing, so I began to do a few stretches  every once in a while. When that went well, I decided to do a tour of our building - walking the hallways and using the stairs to get from one floor to another. I managed to work my way up to the eighth floor, then down to the second floor and back up to our floor. I even rode the stationary bike for a little while. I managed all that without any major complaints from my body. What a relief that was!

Today will involve some different physical activity. Heidi and I are taking Lora over to my youngest brother's home so that Lora gets a chance to spend a little time with her youngest (3 yrs old) cousin, Hudson, before she leaves for South Africa for 5 months. Hudson loves to play hockey, almost non-stop. I'm not sure Hudson will let me join in, he doesn't like beards and he usually gives me a very wide berth. We'll see what transpires today. Even if I don't play a little ball hockey, I'll get some exercise in because I agreed to help Lora move the stuff she's not taking along to Africa into her storage locker. Although I told her I would only drive; she and her friends could do the lifting, I know from past experience that I'll likely lend a hand, just to speed things up.

After we're done moving Lora's stuff Heidi and I will probably head to the gym again to walk the track for a few Kilometers. We're doing it! This exercise thing is quickly becoming a major activity in our lives.

I have to make sure I still have enough time for reading and writing!

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