Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fighting Thru

How's my mental health today?

Not much has changed with the exception that I really pushed myself today.

I got up early for my regular Wednesday 6 a.m. meeting with the `Band of Brothers`. I didn`t last the whole 90 minutes but I gave it a good shot. On my way home I went grocery shopping, picking up considerably more than I had planned to. (Hey - when I can get baby back ribs at 50% off I don`t pass up the opportunity). I`ve also done some cleaning and booked a short vacation in March for Heidi and myself.

It feels good to get a few things done, but now my energy is pretty much depleted.

That`s just another part of clinical depression.

Now it`s time to rest because we have company coming for dinner tonight.

I`m trying very hard not to think about tomorrow. It`ll be what it`ll be.

1 comment:

  1. Too true about the underpants. And besides you might get hit by a car..