Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Head Scratcher

How's my mental health today?

It's been a challenge for the past week. Typical depression - no energy, low mood, poor concentration, little or no get up and go.

I've been at a loss for words - don't have a clue what to write. I have been reading short excerpts from Echoing Silence - Thomas Merton on the Vocation of Writing. One paragraph  - one sentence actually - has me deep in contemplation.

"How can a man really know whether to write or not, whether to speak or not, whether his words and silence are for good or for evil, for life or for death, unless he understands the two divisions of tongues - the division of Babel, when men were scattered in their speech because of pride, and the division of Pentecost when the Holy Ghost sent out men of one dialect to speak all the languages of the earth and bring all men to unity: that they may be one, Father, Thou in Me and one in Them that they may be one in us!"

Quite a statement - one that has my head spinning as I try to process it. I could be puzzling this journal entry of Merton's for some time yet.


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